Monash City Villarreal FC Return to Training Policy is guided by the following policies


  • Federal/State Government Health Guidelines
  • Australian Institute of Sport Framework
  • Football Victoria Covid-19 Stage 1 Return to Training guidelines



Principles – Victorian Government


The Victorian Chief Health Officer has approved that some sport and recreation activities can resume according to the following rules:


  • Participants gather outdoors in groups of no more than 10 (or people from the same household), plus a coach or the minimum number of support staff reasonably required to run the activity
  • Parents or other people are required to keep a reasonable distance or will be included in the group of 10
  • No indoor activity – indoor physical recreation facilities must remain closed
  • Maintain physical distancing of 1.5 metres wherever reasonably possible
  • All activity and training must be non-contact, and no competitions are to take place. Contact sports must be modified so that you can maintain 1.5m distance
  • No use of communal facilities, except for toilets
  • the operator must keep a record of attendees including first name, phone number, date and time of attendance
  • No use of shared equipment that touches the head or face or cannot be effectively cleaned i.e. soft materials or clothing
  • Hand hygiene, frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection, use of own equipment where possible and minimise sharing of equipment
  • The following conditions implement these rules for the purposes of football and form the mandatory requirements from Football Victoria for any Club sanctioned training


Hygiene Policy

Advice on cleaning is available from the Department of Health and Human Services


Communication to Members and Parents of the club instructing the following must be adhered to:


All players bring their own following items to training:

  1. Small bottle of hand sanitiser
  2. Pack of disinfectant wipes in their bag
  3. Filled water bottle.
  4. Promote cough etiquette and respiratory hygiene


Players and Spectators Personal Hygiene


A link to the Football Victoria Stage 1 - return to training conditions has been provided to all members and Parents of the club for their reference.


All members have been specifically guided to the following sections of the document to familiarise themselves with the conditions:

  1. Principals - Victorian Government
  2. Prior to Training – Individuals
  3. Hygiene Protocols – Individuals
  4. Training Protocols - Player/Parent
  5. CovidSafe App recommendations


Players and Parents have been asked to reply back to our email acknowledging they have read and understood the recommendations


Club Officials and Coaches Personal Hygiene


  • A link to the Football Victoria Stage 1 - return to training conditions has been provided to all club officials and coaches of the club for their reference.
  • All club officials and coaches have been notified that they MUST familiarise and comply with the document in its entirety
  • Club Officials and Coaches have been asked to reply back to our email acknowledging they have read and understood the recommendations


Players and Spectators Personal Hygiene


Communications to all Members and Parents of the policy


You must not attend training if in the past 14 days you


  • Have been unwell or had any flu-like symptoms
  • Have been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19
  • Have had any respiratory symptoms (even if mild)
  • Are at a high risk from a health perspective, including the elderly and those with pre-existing medical heath conditions.


Communication via email will be sent to all members and parents prior to every training session through Team Managers communication channels


Recommendations to download the COVIDSafe App


The following will be implemented at club level


  • Single entry point to the training grounds will be implemented
  • Signage referencing hygiene requirements will be displayed at entry point
  • Sanitisation stations will be provided at entry points and every training station will also have hand sanitiser which will be located with the coach
  • Signage will be erected around the pavilion and training facilities as per the Football Victoria signage guidelines – re: sneezing coughing
  • Players will be encouraged to bring personal hygiene items as outlined previously
  • A register of all in attendance will be recorded at every training session



Personal Hygiene and Cleaning of facilities and equipment


Cleaning of facilities and equipment in line with Monash City Villarreal FC cleaning Policy

  • Toilet Facilities will be available - only 1 person per toilet facility at any one time
  • Players will be encouraged to go to the toilet before attending training prior to their arrival
  • All toilet basins will have hand sanitisers, soap dispensers, paper towels and bins
  • Toilet facilities will be cleaned after every training session as per the Monash City Villarreal FC cleaning Policy



Social Distancing

Physical Contact Activities


  • Signage in line with Football Victoria Guidance will be erected around the Training facilities and Pavilion to highlight social distancing requirements
  • All coaches have been educated with the methodology of skills Acquisition and for each player to have their own ball and provide individual skill sessions that require social distancing of 1.5m (1 per 4 square meter) without any interaction with other players
  • Allocated Club officials and Technical Director of the club will be present at every training session to oversee that these standard requirements are adhered to by players and coaches and spectators
  • Heading and sharing of balls will not be allowed
  •  Activities will be strictly non-contact
  • No social activity will be allowed under any circumstances before during and after training
  • Strictly 10 players plus a coach at every training session



Arrival / Departure


Measures for Players, Club officials, Parents


  • Managing entry and exit points, transition of training times, whilst maintaining physical distancing of people
  • Single Entry and Exit points will be separated and sign posted
  • Players need to arrive within no more than 10min of training start time to avoid a gathering
  • Sessions will run for 45mins sharp
  • There is a 15min changeover gap between sessions
  • Parents will be informed to remain in car at drop off and pick up points within the carpark - these will be sign posted and communicated via Team Managers communication prior to every session
  • Players will attend fully prepared in uniform ready to train
  • Players will leave in a clockwise manner to avoid any unnecessary contact
  • Coaches to sanitise equipment after every training session and before commencement of the following group



Spectator Gatherings


Restrictions for planning of activities without crowds


  • No Spectators will be permitted to attend and remain at trainings.
  • All Parents/Spectators will be asked to leave the premise and remain within their vehicles in the carpark
  • All club officials will not be permitted to attend unless they are attending to a training task or assisting with the enforcement of the this policy



Sharing of Equipment


  • Coaches will be tasked with individual skill training for each player
  • Each player will have access to a ball each to avoid any unnecessary sharing of equipment
  • Balls will be sanitised at the completion of every training session prior to the commencement of the next training group
  • Where possible a new set of balls will be implemented and sanitisation of all balls will be completed at the completion of all training
  • Other equipment that my be used during training sessions ie goals, cones will also be required to be sanitised after each session



Group / Team Activities


  • Training will commence from Monday 25th May 2020
  • Training date above will be with the approval from Monash City Council access to Sporting facilities
  • Training Facilities will be at Argyle Reserve and Caloola Reserve
  • The Technical Director of Monash City Villarreal FC in line with strict adherence and guidance from AIS and Football Victoria Guidelines will provide Monash City Villarreal FC coaches with all approved technical skill training to be implemented at training sessions





  • Players will be advised not to attend training if they have in the last 14 days  have had symptoms contact with a known / suspected case or be at high risk
  • If they have been feeling unwell
  • If they have had any respiratory symptoms
  • Players if present at training will be set aside from the training group, isolated and parents will be notified to come and pick up player. If a player is over 18 years old they will be asked to leave training immediately
  • Federal/State Government Heath Policies will be adhered and monitored for any changes
  • Framework of the AIS recommendation
  • Football Victoria Stage 1 Return to Training guidance
  • Monash City Council



Communication Platform


All communication will be conducted through the following platforms to inform everyone associated with the club of the current policies and also any changes that need to be communicated


  • Direct Email communication from club database
  • Monash City Villarreal FC website
  • Social Media platforms Monash City Villarreal FC – Facebook and Instagram
  • Team Manager communication via SMS for each team
  • Signage around the training facilities and pavilions


All club officials, coaches, players and parents will be asked to confirm receipt of the communication document

Argyle Reserve, Kinrade Street
Hughesdale VIC. 3166

P.O. Box 5, Oakleigh, VIC. 3166